typewriterSan Rafael will be hiring a new Director of Public Works and the Marin County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is looking for a new Parks Director. They may hire from within but are looking without as well.

These two positions are critically important to have staffed with watershed-wise people in order to implement the changes we need to see in all of our watersheds.

Letters needed to Request Watershed Savvy Directors

Here are links to sample letters to both the Mayor and to the BOS.

Please make them your own but please DO write!

Talking Points:
State and federal funding is going to watershed based multi-benefit projects
You want to see Gallinas Creek restored
A restored watershed will help with resiliency, climate change and drought preparedness
Staff play a critical role in implementing policies
You want to see whole system watershed-wise planning at all levels
Restored creeks increase property values and add aesthetic value that is priceless
You want to see the steelhead return to Gallinas Creek
The concrete ditch will fail at some point and you want the city to be ready to go in a different direction
Watershed planning helps prepare areas for both drought and flood by working with natural processes

You can also communicate directly online via these forms:

City of San Rafael City Council Contact Form