Environmental Organizations

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Association of Watershed and Stormwater Professionals
Center for Watershed Protection‘s Professional Membership Program

Bay Area Open Space Council

– collaborative program of public and non-profit organizations providing leadership and expertise for the preservation and management of SF Bay Area open spaces. Supports funding for the maintenance and operation of open space lands.

Bay Area Watershed Network (BAWN) – network of natural resource professionals and community members who work locally to protect watersheds, from headlands to the Bay, throughout our region.

Bay Friendly Coalition
Helping to create gardens that reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, and create vibrant landscapes. Annual Bay-Friendly Garden Tour.

California Watershed Network (CWN)

– Help people protect and restore the natural environments of California’s watersheds while ensuring healthy and sustainable communities.

California Trout

– As “Keeper of the Streams” CalTrout protects and restores wild trout, steelhead, salmon and their waters throughout California

Center for Watershed Protection

– Center for Watershed Protection works to protect, restore, and enhance our streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and bays.  CWP creates viable solutions and partnerships for responsible land and water management. See also Association of Watershed and Stormwater Professionals

Conservation Corps North Bay (originally the Marin Conservation Corps)

– Harnessing the energy of youth to preserve and protect the environment so the entire community profits.

Creek Freaks

– For kids ages 10-14 who want to help the environment by becoming community stream experts. They explore local streams; learn how healthy trees, shrubs, and grasses protect clean water and wildlife; and find out what the community can do to improve water quality.

Friends of Gallinas Creek

– Land use issues and protection of natural resources

Marin Audubon Society (MAS)

– Conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

Marin Conservation League (MCL)
Respected Marin County’s environmental organization with a mission to preserve, protect, and enhance Marin County natural assets for the public.

MCL Creeks, Wetlands and Watersheds Committee

– Works to conserve the productivity and habitat values of Marin’s creeks, wetlands and watersheds.


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Marin Resource Conservation District (MRCD)

– Conservation and enhancement of Marin’s natural resources and support of local agriculture. Technical assistance and funding provided to landowners to assist in land stewardship efforts.

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North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NCIRWMP)

– Collaboration among government, watershed groups, tribes and interested partners in seven counties and multiple major watersheds. Integrates long term planning and high quality project implementation in an adaptive management framework—fostering coordination and communication among diverse stakeholders.

Permaculture Marin

– collaborates with local communities to apply the practices of permaculture. They work to create a network of working permaculture sites, sponsor community events and work days, offer educational opportunities, and create shared garden spaces.

Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN)

– Works to protect endangered species coho salmon and steelhead. Grassroots action, habitat restoration, policy development, environmental education, collaboration with other orgs

San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

– Guides and coordinates research in reserve sites, monitors water quality, weather, and biological systems, fosters stewardship activities to protect and enhance the reserve sites, Offers education programs for teachers and public, and provides training for coastal decision makers

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV)

– Brings together public and private agencies, conservation groups, development interests, and others to restore wetlands and wildlife habitat in San Francisco Bay watersheds

Your Wetlands – A Project of SFBJV

– Information about Wetlands Along the North Edge of San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI)

– Develops scientific understanding to protect and enhance the San Francisco Estuary. conducts studies, synthesize data and information, collaborate with scientists to provide holistic integration of information from many disciplines that supports management activities.

San Francisco Estuary Partnership

– Coalition of resource agencies, non-profits, citizens, and scientists working to protect, restore, and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in and around the SF Bay Delta Estuary. Strategic priorities are to promote watershed stewardship, support climate change resiliency, be a resource for elected officials, decision makers, and the public, and develop green infrastructure leadership.

Save The Bay – Santa Venetia Marsh Restoration Program

– large regional nonprofit working to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay since 1961. They restore habitat, secure strong policies to re-establish wetlands, and engage over 25,000 supporters, advocates and volunteers to protect the Bay. Working with MCOSD to protect critical wetland habitat at Santa Venetia Marsh

Sierra Club Marin Group

– 7000 members in Marin that explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed (STRAW) Project

– The Bay Institute Project which coordinates and sustains a network of teachers, students, restoration specialists, and other community members as they plan and implement watershed studies and restoration projects in Marin and Sonoma.

Sustainable Marin

– Promotes policies and practices in Marin County to

  1. sustain our natural capital and environmental assets,
  2. bolster localized economic strength and independence,
  3. expand locally-owned green businesses and clean-tech jobs, and
  4. encourage community cooperation and social justice.

Sustainable San Rafael

– advocacy and community education to bring about a healthy, balanced and aware society. Residents and business people organized around the idea that we can-and must-do more in our own community to fight global warming and encourage more sustainable living. Our primary focus is working with our city and county government to adopt policies that do this, and with our fellow citizens to lead by example.

The Bay Institute

– Scientific research, education, and advocacy programs to preserve SF Bay watershed. Protect and restore the ecosystems of San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and the rivers, streams, and watershed tributary to the Estuary.

Urban Creeks Council (UCC)

– Works to preserve, protect, and restore urban streams and their riparian habitats. Offer creek assessment services for Marin homeowners.

The Watershed Project

– Promotes understanding and appreciation of SF Bay natural resources; increase awareness of the human impacts, inspires community involvement to protect and restore the Estuary and watersheds that surround us.

Waterkeeper Alliance-Waterkeeper Alliance provides a way for communities to stand up for their right to clean water and for the wise and equitable use of water resources, both locally and globally. The vision of the Waterkeeper movement is for fishable, swimmable and drinkable waterways worldwide. http://www.waterkeeper.org/