Rainwater Catchment

GWC supports rainwater catchment for residential and commercial buildings.

GWC encourages all home owners and business owners to consider harvesting rainwater. Doing so is easy and it will save you money and help protect our environment!

10,000 Rain Gardens Project

In 2010 Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) and Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) launched this project that is designed to educate about the simple art and technology of rainwater harvesting.

Learn more about the wide-reaching benefits:

  • lower demand on treated water supplies for landscaping
  • helps reduce flooding and erosion
  • reducing strain on local sewer districts
  • protecting local streams and fish
  • rainwater is free!

Wikipedia: Rainwater Harvesting

Calculate your water footprint

Where can you find a RAIN BARREL in Marin County?

Go to Water Components in downtown San Rafael. Ask for Jane the owner or Pete the manager. Tell them that Gallinas Watershed Council sent you!

Who can give your business a WATER AUDIT in Marin County?

Contact Rogers Remodel Inc. in Novato.