Gallinas Creek Hydrology Report

Download the Full Report (PDF): Gallinas Creek Hydrology Report.

Kamman Hydrology prepared a creek hydrology study for the Bay Institute, MCSTOPPP and Friends of Gallinas Creek in 2004. Their findings showed that full creek restoration is not only possible but also highly desirable and can be done while meeting flood control objectives. In other words, a greenbelt park could be created from the headwaters in the hills to the bay. Santa Margarita Homeowners Association made the first attempt in their “Recreate the Creek” effort.

We refer you especially to part 5.0 of the above report, Conceptual Alternatives and Feasibility which lays out four alternatives, from minimal to full restoration.

A full restoration would not only bring beauty and life to our otherwise LA-Aquaduct-style ditch that is the upper stretch of Gallinas Creek, but could potentially return spawning salmon that were seen historically as far up the creek as Safeway.

Funding, available from a variety of sources, could be coordinated to help bring this project to fruition.