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View of Gallinas Valley from Bay Hills Drive.

Maps and information about places in the Gallinas Valley Watershed area.

Gallinas Valley in San Rafael, CA is home to the Marin County Civic Center, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed complex which is the seat of the Marin County government. The valley also includes a state park (China Camp State Park), a county park and municipal golf course (John F. McInnis Park and McInnis Park Golf Center), a beach (McNears Beach County Park), a private airport (San Rafael Airport), several schools (Terra Linda High School), shops, restaurants and movie theaters (e.g. Northgate Shopping Center), a large Medical Center (Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center) a small industrial park (Northgate Industrial Park) as well as open space (San Pedro Ridge, Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide, Santa Margarita Island) and wetlands (Southwest tip of the San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area, Santa Venetia Marsh).

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This is the GWC Watershed Map describing the challenges facing our watershed:

GWC Watershed Map

GWC Watershed Map

Historical, environmental, geological and geographical maps are found below.

Historical Maps

There are historical maps of Gallinas Valley from 1871 and 1900 and also 1954.

Geological Maps

Gallinas Creek Watershed Geology Map

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