California Ridgway's Rail, formerly California Clapper Rail

California Ridgway’s Rail, formerly California Clapper Rail

Remember when Pluto was demoted from Planet to Dwarf Planet? That’s kind of how this feels…

Our beloved GWC mascot, the California Clapper Rail, is apparently NOT a clapper rail. Nope, this is not a joke.

The California Clapper Rail is now called the California Ridgway’s Rail.

Read the KQED article below… and please welcome the California Ridgway’s Rail.

Changing the name does NOT change their endangered species status.

And you can thank/blame this guy:
James Maley, collections manager at the Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College.

KQED article:
There’s a New Bird Species in California, Sort Of

Golden Gate Audobon article:
Farewell Clapper Rail, hello Ridgway’s Rail

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