Gallinas Watershed Council (GWC) has three recommendations to the Marin County Board of Supervisors regarding how to naturally restore water quality and improve public and environmental health conditions at the Civic Center Lagoon.

The Civic Center lagoon is man-made but it receives groundwater from a subsurface spring and its overflow pours into Las Gallinas Creek. It is an integral part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Civic Center complex and is located in the heart of the Las Gallinas Watershed.

Our recommendations:

1. Restore the Living Edge 

Gallinas Watershed - Living Edge

Illustration by Rebecca Shearin

2. Use Bio-Swales

Gallinas Watershed - Bio-Swales

Illustration by Rebecca Shearin









3. Add Floating Island Bio-Filters

Gallinas Watershed - Add Floating Island Bio-Filters

Illustration by Rebecca Shearin

A regenerative approach to infrastructure can help relieve the stress and pressure stormwater puts on our public pipes and treatment facilities.

Restoring the natural flow and floodplain of the creek increases neighborhood resilience. Protecting people’s homes and property from flooding and Sea Level Rise is THE WRIGHT THING TO DO!