GWC had a booth at the Promenade Celebration at Northgate Shopping Mall on Saturday May 1, 2010.

The purpose of this booth was to get the word out about GWC, creek restoration, and watershed management in Gallinas Valley.

To achieve this the GWC booth offered visitors many sights and activities:

  1. Aerial view Poster of Gallinas Watershed with new blue lines for waterways drawn in showing more of the creek. Many people looked at it and marked their home with a pin. We ended up with about 50 pins in the map
  2. GWC Brochure — we passed out our new brochure
  3. Alex was fabulous in his Dragon costume. The kids loved him. Thanks to Gina Purin and MCSTOPP for giving GWC the costume. We hope to use it regularly.
  4. Sue prepared an amazing, astounding “Freitas Park Canal” covered with trash on plastic with a zipper so you could unzip the canal and reveal a gorgeous wildlife filled creek behind. It was a huge hit.
  5. We did Make a Wish for the watershed, with blue bucket and little wishing well topper. Some kids enjoyed that. The very little ones really liked throwing the money in the bucket.
  6. We had a long piece of paper for kids to draw on.
  7. We hung up a new larger GWC poster
  8. Judy created and hung up several new “WHAT YOU CAN DO” posters
  9. We got a big poster made of How Trash Flows into Urban Creeks (Santa Clara’s great poster art was made available for us).
  10. Two binders made with old photos of the area, our wonderful photoshop image of how the creek could be, a crude drawing of Alternatives 1-4 from the hydrology report done by me, and some great maps, including the new blue and red waterways under development by the county.

GWC got donations, new member sign ups, people who promised to visit our website and lots of good will.

In many ways this was the “coming out” party for GWC. Our booth was alive, it was professional, and it got a lot of attention.

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Thanks also to all who dropped by to support the booth!

Susan Adams, Kerry Mazzoni, Greg Brockbank, Jon Loberg, Bob Brown were among some of the officials who stopped by. Thank you!

Thank you Judy Schriebman, Sue Macer, Alex Kahl, Tisha Kahl, Gina Purin (from MCSTOPPP) and Margaret Johnston for tending the GWC booth. Judy also thanks husband Jeff for helping with set up

Thanks also to Mike McCrea, Pam Greenfield and grandson, Gordon and Mary Feller, Rod Blouin, Sue Macer, Rachel Kamman, Alex Kahl and Margaret Johnston for helping prepare materials like our posters and displays.

Thanks to Carolyn Lenert, Kris Geller and the Northgate/Macerich mall team for pulling this off.

Thanks to the entertainers and musicians and the various other booths, especially the food and drinks providers.