Creek Clean Up with Marin Academy StudentsGWC’s Alex Kahl and Mike McCrea launched on Feb. 28 from Buck’s Launching with students from Marin Academy High School (San Rafael) to learn about the NERR, Sea Level Rise, and pick up trash that got washed down in recent heavy storms.

They had to postpone by one day but then they lucked out with blue skies and sunshine, along with kayaks and lifejackets generously donated by 101 Surf Sports, which supports kids in many Marin schools get out on the water. Please support 101 Surf Sports when you need a kayak or paddleboard rental.

Students also got lucky when they met NERR staff working on their science station at the mouth of Gallinas creek and were taught about the data gathering equipment which is available online in real time.

While the MA students picked up trash they also learned about the Gallinas watershed and its flora and fauna: rails and other birds, pickleweed, tides and levies. We witnessed a small airplane landing at the San Rafael airport just a few steps away from the new sports complex being built.

Thanks to MA teacher Kevin Rees, Alex Kahl and Mike McCrea who helped arrange this great day on the water for the students!

GWC Watershed Tours

GWC offers tours of the headwaters, bay, and city portion of Gallinas Creek to interested groups. Our creek watershed experts will be on hand to answer questions and provoke a new way of thinking about our creeks and waterways.

If you have a group that would like to set this up, please contact us.