GWC Gallinas Watershed Bike Tour participants

GWC Gallinas Watershed Bike Tour participants

Thank you to all who joined the 15 mile bike tour through Gallinas watershed. Here are some photos!

On an overcast Saturday on August 20 we met at 10 AM at the Mt. Tamalpais Picnic Area. We biked through Terra Linda and Santa Venetia with many stops along the way.Thanks to all who participated!

It was a wonderful sunny day by the time we returned to McInnis Park happy and hungry for a post-ride picnic.

Here is a little video summary:

2011 Gallinas Watershed Bike Tour

Locations we stopped at to discuss the watershed and its inhabitants included:

1) Lucas Valley Rd headwaters

2) Los Gamos / Manuel Freitas

3) Scotty’s Market

4) Promenade

5) Railroad crossing under highway 101 / South Fork / Pickleweed patch near 101

6) Santa Venetia Armory / Armory Creek Bridge

7) Santa Venetia Open Space levy / Mouth of Gallinas Creek

8) Santa Margarita Island

9) Embassy Suites Hotel

10) Truck removal site off Mitchell Blvd.


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