Please attend our April 4, 2018 GWC board meeting to learn about CCWR Phase 2.

GWC is thrilled to have Supervisor Damon Connolly and his supervisorial aide Mary Sackett at this meeting. We are also over the moon that Melissa Nelson of the Cultural Conservancy will also be there to teach us about the indigenous basket weavers who lived in the Gallinas Creek watershed.

What do these two speakers have in common? Are you ready to hear about Floating Island Phase 2? Together we will discuss how to move forward to heal the water quality issues in the Marin Lagoon in a way that catalyzes indigenous cultural as well as environmental benefits.

Since launching the Civic Center Watershed Restoration (CCWR) Phase 1 in 2015, GWC has been investigating next steps in the bioremediation of the Civic Center Lagoon in Floating Islands.

For Phase 2 we are assembling our water quality testing data and other materials to present to officials in charge of this area.

Our two pilot remediation floating islands have performed very well, but need to be larger in order to completely take care of the dense nutrient loading (goose poop) that goes into the lagoon water.

Please contact GWC if you would like to be involved with the CCWR project.


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