Bay Area-wide Trash Capture Demonstration Project

San Francisco Estuary Partnership was awarded $5 million in federal stimulus funds (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) to support a Bay Area-wide Trash Capture Demonstraton Project.

All Bay Area cities and counties that wish to participate will receive trash capture devices to retrofit existing storm drainage infrastructure.

In addition to letting municipalities try out different types of devices, the project will kick off compliance with new permit requirements and provide for monitoring and information sharing among agencies.

GWC encourages San Rafael to participate and to use such trach capture devices in Gallinas Creek.

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Clean Bay Project Partnerships


The Clean Bay Project is Save The Bay‘s campaign to replicate innovative and effective municipal pollution prevention programs around the Bay.

The Clean Bay Project is a suite of the most effective pollution prevention programs developed and implemented by municipalities that Save The Bay recommends all cities adopt.

Save The Bay will work with cities to implement programs by providing:

  • Case studies with model ordinances, cost estimates and expert contact information
  • Knowledge-sharing events for city staff to discuss program topics
  • Information for city councils
  • Sample outreach materials
  • Increased community visibility

Programs may already be in place to greater or lesser degrees in some municipalities. In this case, Save The Bay can provide assistance with improving program effectiveness, increasing scope, visibility and/or participation for those with existing programs.

GWC encourages San Rafael to work with Save The Bay and implement the Clean Bay Project programs.

cvs5bCVS Pharmacy a Litterbug?

CVS Pharmacy in the North San Rafael Northgate Shopping area (formerly Longs Drugs) was caught letting their garbage spread to the wind.

See this photo taken by Art, our roving reporter.

See this slide show taken by Carolyn Lehnert.

GWC contacted CVS and the City of San Rafael asking them to police the area and keep plastic litter contained. We are happy to report improvements have been noticed!

GWC encourages all shoppers to bring reusable bags when they go shopping.

GWC encourages all local retailers to STOP handing out free plastic bags!

CVS should also consider joining San Rafael Clean.

gallinas_coastal_cleanupGWC supports Coastal Cleanup Day

Coastal Cleanup Day is the highlight of the CA Coastal Commission’s year ’round Adopt-A-Beach program.

Learn about CA Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD)

On CCD tens of thousands of Californians come together to keep our coasts and inland waterways free of debris.

On September 19, 2009, GWC lead a team of volunteers on foot and in canoes and kayaks to clean up the North Fork of Gallinas Creek.

AB 68 (Brownley) – Offsetting the Costs of Single-Use Bag Litter

This bill would offset the environmental costs associated with single-use carryout bags litter, reduce the littering of plastic bags and incentivize the use of reusable bags.

Plastic bags are among the most-often littered items in urban areas. Urban litter accounts for the vast majority of dangerous marine debris pollution.gwc-joins-san-rafael-cleanSan Rafael Clean


This local organization has a Powerpoint presentation about a plastic trash disaster: Water Bottles

Do you own a business in San Rafael? Sign up with San Rafael Clean and help to keep our neighborhood clean and free of litter.

What You Can Do

With over seven million residents in the Bay Area, our small actions – using and discarding plastic bags and bottles and polystyrene packaging, inadvertently and simply dropping trash in the street cause big pollution problems for the Bay.

Millions of plastic bags and bottles end up in the Bay every year. Cities can prevent this harmful pollution by passing legislation to end the distribution of “free” plastic and paper bags— motivating the community to switch to reusable shopping bags.


Plastic bags that find their way into the Bay and Ocean pose an often fatal risk to wildlife. And California uses 19 billion plastic bags per year.

Support CA Assembly Bill 1998, a ban on single-use grocery bags. Click here to e-mail your state senator and assemblymember.

Please take 2 minutes to email our mayor to take action today! Write the Mayor (care of Save The Bay)

The Story of Bottled Water – Think Outside The Bottle!

“Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket!”
Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin

The Bay VS. The Bag
A Project of Save The Bay

Synthetic Sea
View the powerful video, Synthetic Sea, from the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. Explore the problem of plastic ocean debris and learn why Coastal Cleanup Day is so important.a