Join the Gallinas Watershed Council for a fun educational Watershed Hike!
Date: Sunday November 13, 2016

Mcinnis Park Sunrise by Ken Papai www.kenpapai.com

Mcinnis Park Sunrise by Ken Papai

Time: 3:30-5:30 PM

Meet at Creekside Parking lot. This is the parking lot by the canoe launch dock on the North Fork of Gallinas Creek which is next to Mt Tam field and picnic area. Once you enter the McInnis Park gate you will make a right turn after a few hundred feet behind the baseball field.

Hike Leader: Hydrologist Rachel Kamman
Hike distance: approx 2 miles
Total time:  2.0 hrs
Difficulty:  Easy with a short climb.

This is a FREE event. Donations of $5 or more are greatly appreciated.


  • To gather and have fun!
  • To learn about the McInnis Marshlands, and the ongoing restoration project
  • To share Gallinas Watershed facts, information and stories

Hydrologist Rachel Kamman will lead this hike to discuss the Gallinas Watershed / Miller Creek Redirection / McInnis Marsh Restoration Project. Rachel will lead us up the hill at McInnis Park where we will see how Miller Creek comes from Lucas Valley through St Vincents property. McInnis Creek is channeled to LGVSD, takes a 90 degree turn, and flows out to San Pablo bay. Along the way there is another 90 degree turn as well as two LGVSD sewage outfalls.

We will also study the wetlands south of LGVSD and Gallinas Creek where County and LGVSD are planning to redirect Miller Creek.
Everyone is welcome:
Kids  – Great!

Dogs – sure, well behaved and on leash please since we are walking as a group.  Be ready to pick up after rover!

Bring binoculars – you might spot an unusual bird – maybe even a Clapper Rail.

Below is a short video of a previous hike near McInnis Park: