UPDATE December 2009

Success! The TRUCK and DUMPSTER have been removed from the illegal dumpsite on Gallinas Creek! Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen.

On Coastal Cleanup Day September 19, 2009, GWC volunteers on the North Fork of Gallinas Creek discovered an illegal dumpsite on the banks of the North Fork of Gallinas Creek.

The North Fork passes by the Northgate Industrial Park just East of Highway 101 in North San Rafael. The garbage pile on the banks of the creek included an abandoned truck and 20 foot dumpster container along with lots of garbage and industrial materials.

after_thIn order to clean up this illegal dumpsite GWC volunteers contacted numerous organizations after Coastal Cleanup Day. We contacted by phone, by mail, and in person the City of San Rafael, the County of Marin, the CA State Fish and Wildlife Dept. as well as several commercial operations in the Northgate Industrial Park.

After this detective work we determined that the truck and dumpster belong to Knoles & Company, a Heating, Sheet Metal, and A/C business in San Rafael that is now Knoles Construction Company Inc.

They are located nearby at:
125 Mitchell Boulevard Suite I
San Rafael, CA 94903
Tel (415) 492-0440

The Regional Water Quality Board paid a visit to the truck site and contacted the owner. An agreement was struck for the illegal dumpsite to be cleaned up by the end of November 2009. We are happy to announce that the truck and container and all the other industrial waste were all removed in the first week of December 2009.

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