Healthy Marin Watersheds and Creeks Lecture at San Rafael City Hall

Healthy Marin Watersheds and Creeks Lecture at San Rafael City Hall
May 1, 2013

GWC sponsored the “Healthy Marin Watersheds and Creeks” Lectures at the San Rafael City Hall

Gallinas Watershed Council held a lecture event on Wednesday, May 1 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm to explore “Healthy Marin Watersheds and Creeks” at San Rafael City Hall. GWC thanks San Rafael City Councilmember Damon Connolly for hosting the event.

Across our nation, a watershed approach to protecting our creeks is occurring, bringing back to life the riparian ecosystem and the iconic and keystone species that live there. When we restore our watersheds we give clean water, biodiversity, recreation, beauty, food and enjoyment to future generations.

Dozens of guests heard Guest Speakers Laura Chariton, Gordon Bennett, and Isaiah Thalmayer as they discussed ways to be part of the solution to restoring watersheds and creeks. Laura treated the audience to an empowering lecture about the necessity for watershed restoration. A special presentation covering 20 years of successful restorations by the STRAW project (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed, a project of PRBO) was given by Isaiah. Gordon talked about Marin County’s draft Stream Conservation Ordinance and we even have enough time for audience Q&A.

• Laura Chariton holds a Master’s Degree in Riparian Policy, is a watershed specialist and a founder of Watershed Alliance of Marin. She will speak on what makes a healthy creek and what homeowners can do in their backyards while saving salmon, preventing flooding and stopping water pollution. She is a past Board member of Mill Valley StreamKeepers.

• Gordon Bennett, Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, will address the draft Marin County Streamside Conservation Area Ordinance. Gordon is President of Marin Green Leadership and Save Our Seashore and on the Board of Directors of Audubon Canyon Ranch. Past experiences are as Chair of the Clean Energy Committee, Marin Group at Sierra Club; Chair of the Parks & Wildlife; and Board of Directors for Environmental Action Committee of West Marin.

• Isaiah Thalmayer, STRAW Project Manager, PRBO Conservation Science. PRBO conserves birds, other wildlife, and their ecosystems through innovative scientific research and outreach.

The Gallinas Watershed Council is a 501c3 non profit group under MarinLink. We support watershed wise planning, restoration and education, in the 94903 area. Contact Judy at 415-578-2580