City of San Rafael Proposes San Rafael Airport Development in Historic Baylands.

GWC is studying the various activities at the San Rafael airport, including the proposed Sports Facility development.

Airport Facility Environmental Impact Record (EIR)

There currently is a draft EIR out for both proposed sports and recreation facilities and airport modifications.


Comments are requested in writing to the City of San Rafael.

Submit your email comments to:

[email protected]

Please insert “San Rafael Airport DEIR” in the subject line

The Gallinas Valley Watershed Council (GVWC) has submitted comments and is requesting YOUR support in filing comments about the proposed plans.


  • Discuss with and inform other community members
  • Write a letter
  • Formulate comments on proposed actions

Questions to think about:

  • Should we oppose development and zoning changes on or adjoining marsh lands?
  • How will the County resources be spent to construct/maintain/protect from sea level rise the proposed development?
  • How will these expenditures impact availability of county resources for our communities?
  • Are public funds being committed for private property benefits for: facilities/infrastructure/flood protection – capital and maintenance
  • What are the impacts associated with the project on adjacent resources?
    • Disturbance (light/noise/ect.)
    • Water Quality Impacts (runoff from parking lots/drainage)
    • Traffic
    • Trash
    • Threats to listed and endangered species: Clapper Rail/Harvest Mouse/others ( List of special status species available for adjacent marsh.)
  • What is the rational for development on/adjacent to Baylands at a time when the Coastal Commission and resource managers are formulating plans for managed retreat in the response to estimates of 1-3 feet of sea level rise in 50yrs?

Relevant Links:
San Rafael Airport Recreational Facility Draft Environmental Impact Report