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Santa Venetia Marsh Open Space Preserve
Gallinas Creek Canoe Tours

Gallinas Creek Canoe Tours

Get an up-close look at Gallinas Creek.

GWC is offering FREE tours, via canoe, of the still-natural, largely inaccessible portion of Gallinas Creek – the area between McInnis Park and Redwood Boulevard.

This area is home to the endangered California clapper rails as well as river otters, but is under increasing pressure from nearby development and storm drain runoff (i.e. trash) from the Northgate Mall area of Terra Linda.

If you feel comfortable in either the bow or center of a canoe, one of our GWC members will be glad to give you a guided tour.

The best time to see how human activities in the watershed affect the creek, is during or just after winter rain storms. If you don’t mind some rain, ask for one of our “Open Eye” tours. Guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Call Art Reichert (472-5814) for Canoe Tours.

Canoe Tour Quotes

“Spending time on the Gallinas Creek and its tributaries in a canoe gave me a unique perspective on the beauty and vitality of this watershed. Protection of the watershed is vital to the well-being of local habitat and of our natural environment. I look forward to continuing to work with Art Reichert, Robert Dobrin and others in preserving and strengthening this wonderful asset for our community.”


“I am grateful for the opportunity to canoe with Art Reichert and Robert Dobrin. We are truly connected in the built environment to the watershed and the tributaries that lead to the Bay. How we conduct our lives on the street level was visible in the empty bottles and bags along the stream. We can do much better and I look forward to working with Santa Venetia neighborhood leaders and the Gallinas Watershed Council to restore this natural wonder so that I can share this experience with my children.”



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Santa Venetia Marsh Open Space Preserve

Santa Venetia Marsh Open Space Preserve is a great place to walk around a salt water marsh environment. Once common throughout the Bay Area, much of this fragile ecosystem has disappeared through the years as development pressures have increased.

This wetland is situated in a habitat migration corridor and hosts a variety of shore birds, including the endangered California clapper rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus).

Other endangered species include the tiny thumb-sized Saltmarsh Harvest Mouse. and the California Red-Legged Frog.

Official Marin Open Space District Website



For the Birds

If you visit the marshes of the Gallinas Valley Watershed you will see many other birds. Typically you’ll see:

  • ducks
  • geese
  • mallards
  • seagulls
  • egrets
  • great blue herons

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our marsh areas lie in a habitat migration corridor, and that means many, many species of birds visit us every year.