Las Gallinas Valley Nonprofits

civiccenter Nonprofits

Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL)
Provides workshops, conferences and consulting to promote volunteerism and strengthen nonprofit organizations.

Discovery Dogs
Assistance dog training program that offers instructional programs for people with disabilities wishing to train their own dogs.

Friends of China Camp
Operators of China Camp State Park. Public education programs, volunteer support, projects, services and events at the park.

Friends of Marin Center
FOMC Outreach Program provides free Marin Center event tickets to local non-profits and schools. FOMC also contributes to enhancing the facilities at Marin Center.

Greenbelt Alliance Marin Office
Works with local communities and partner groups to help secure long-term protection open space, establish urban growth boundaries, and endorse the creation of homes within existing urban areas.

Healthy Marin Partnership
consortium of Marin hospitals, community, government, and business organizations formed in response to Senate Bill 697, a 1994 legislative mandate that required not-for-profit hospitals to complete a community needs assessment every three years.

Legal Aid of Marin
LAM provides high quality legal representation and advocacy, information, referral, advice, community education, and other assistance to low income and senior residents of Marin County. Contrary to its image as a bastion of wealth, Marin County is home to an estimated 16,000 people living in poverty. Acting in a leadership role, LAM works with a variety of interested community organizations to improve social, economic, and living conditions for those county residents in greatest need.

Marin Agricultural Institute
MAI educates the public about the nutritional and economic benefits of buying locally grown food directly from farmers. Manages 10 Bay Area Certified Farmers Markets and represents over 500 family farms, specialty food purveyors, and artisans.

Marin Community Housing Action Initiative
MCHAI is a partnership of Greenbelt Alliance, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) and the Marin Community Foundation (MCF). Brings together innovative approaches to affordable housing, transit, and environmental communities to boost affordable housing production. Working to increase the rate of Marin’s housing production in locations close to transportation and address policies that have impeded efforts to provide adequate affordable housing.

Marin Conservation League (MCL)
Respected Marin County’s environmental organization with a mission to preserve, protect, and enhance Marin County natural assets for the public.

Marin County Bar Association
MCBA support bar association members, serves as a liaison to Marin County courts, educates the community and enhances access to legal services.

GWC is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of MarinLink. MarinLink initiates and supports programs and projects addressing unmet community needs, fostering innovation and community.

Helping incubate nonprofits and improve the quality of their work, workspace, and capacity to collaborate so they can better serve the community.

Warm Wishes
Volunteers pack and distribute backpacks with winter clothes to homeless.