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Wetlands are Vital to our Watershed An NJ State report concluded that wetlands provided the largest dollar value of ecosystem services ($9.4 billion per year), which included: buffering of floods storm surges water treatment supply This study explains the economic concept of “natural capital” which acknowledges the long term values of not only “goods” or […]

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Global Warming


The seas have been rising for 18,000 years, but the pace has quickened. Geologic records show an average increase of about 2 inches every 100 years from the most recent ice age until the beginning of the past century. Historical data of water levels at the Golden Gate over the past century indicate a long-term […]

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Spills and Contamination

Terra Linda Oil Spill An oil spill from a vehicle occurred near Terra Linda high school. A sizable quantity of oil went down the creek. Emergency response measures were not in place. Crews were still mopping it up the next day with paper towels. No efforts immediately to contain it. No appropriate immediate response. Cause: […]

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Plastic Trash


Bay Area-wide Trash Capture Demonstration Project San Francisco Estuary Partnership was awarded $5 million in federal stimulus funds (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) to support a Bay Area-wide Trash Capture Demonstraton Project. All Bay Area cities and counties that wish to participate will receive trash capture devices to retrofit existing storm drainage infrastructure. […]

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Airport Recreation Facility


City of San Rafael Proposes San Rafael Airport Development in Historic Baylands. GWC is studying the various activities at the San Rafael airport, including the proposed Sports Facility development. Airport Facility Environmental Impact Record (EIR) There currently is a draft EIR out for both proposed sports and recreation facilities and airport modifications. ACT NOW – […]

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GWC Joins San Rafael Clean


We have taken the Clean Business Pledge and are a proud member of San Rafael Clean, a San Rafael business organization. Businesses can join San Rafael Clean to help beautify and reinvigorate our local business corridors, creating a more inviting and environmentally friendly experience for customers and the community. Here is the Clean Business Pledge: […]

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